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Customer Testimonials

What People Are Saying About Ottawa DogWatch

Nancy B.

Lily and Daisy are doing great with the fence. I truly never thought it would be that quick and easy to train them. I also liked your GENTLE way of training them. I would definitely recommend you and your product to anyone who is looking into purchasing a hidden fence system. Thanks again.

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Nancy B.

Rachel Secours

Molly is doing great with the dog fence, I guess it took about 5 days for us to become 100% confident about the system. (I knew it wouldn't take long). Our big concern and reason for the dog fence was the busy road that we live on and now we can rest at ease. I left Molly outside for the entire day while I went to work yesterday which you know I was hesitant in doing but there was no problems and I'm sure that she preferred that over staying indoors for the entire day. Thanks for Everything.

Carolyn Carson (and James Tickell)

Last September you came out and installed the DogWatch system for our dog Max (husky/shepherd mix).

I meant to drop you a line awhile back - we wanted to let you know that the system has completely changed our lives and Max's life (no exaggeration). We trained him a bit longer than suggested (more for us than Max I think) and we were and still are completely in awe of how well it works. Max stays about 5 feet from the line - we've kept the flags up bit he doesn't even go near it! Waits at the bottom of the driveway for us - doesn't even cross to chase animals... a miracle!

Max is outside all day while we're at work and he now has the run of the place and we don't even worry about him! Just wanted to thank you and if ever need testimonials you can definitely use us!


For the record I love that fence, it is so handy to just open the door and let my dog out- I can't imagine being without it. Hope this finds you well, and all the best to you and yours in the near year.

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